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A Change of Plans - 14th October 2015

I had made progress getting my website to work in PHP - I had the main pages all set up, and was all ready to work on making a database so I could dynamically generate blog and story posts.

...And then I went to the recent Railsgirls workshop here in Melbourne, and I discovered that this whole endeavour would be much easier with Ruby. Since I like things to be easier, I have now decided to use Ruby as my server-side language, rather than PHP.

I may run into some issues with Ruby, as my main computer is a Windows machine. While I understand that the usual way of dealing with tihs is to start using a Mac or Linux machine, this to me seems to be a bit like solving the problem of homelessness by banning people from sleeping in parks - it may make the problem less visible, but the problem still exits. I will post updates of my progress, as well as details of any issues I come across while using Ruby on windows.

More updates will be forthcoming!

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